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Poster: KiwisByMirror Date: Apr 27, 2017 11:48am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Granpa(1989)

This movie is out of print Produced by a defunct company and its director and producer are nolonger among the living.
there are even a few films from this studio(TVC) i cant even find screenshots for so i think its reasonable to assume this film may not be available in any official capacity within the foreseeable future
For this reason i think it should be backed up here and will be doing this soon.

Ok so 3 main files Plus an advert for the film and thumbnails

LP Rip (Aprox 1gb.iso)
HQ Rip (Aprox 2gb.iso)
Video file Full movie trailers from VHS removed (0.1gb) for preview into the web page

the 2 DVD rips(from Video Cassette) had slight subtle defects such as static bars or shaking picture but these are barely noticeable and occurred at different times so there may be a benefit to having both if somebody wants to Remaster this.
but i may upload the larger .iso at a later date than the rest because it does take a long time to upload these files

Had a few hurdles converting it to a video file as it was either getting out of sync audio or blurred picture so i dad to load 2 rips(HQ DVD) into a video editor and needed to get a good balance between reasonable file size and picture quality.

Only made this so it can be previewed on the site without having to download the ISOs

I'm going to upload this later on in the week but just giving advanced notice in case there is a problem
a JPEG showing picture quality comparison from all 3 files is included with this post

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